Fibromyalgia Pain Management Techniques

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  1. Visiting your favorite places.
  2. Quitting or hanging out with friends.
  3. Watching funny movies.
  4. Reading quick-read books.
  5. And so on.

Make prioritize choices in your daily activities!


Fibromyalgia pain often comes with fatigue. For this reason, use your energy effectively to throughout the day. You need to choose activities that you should prioritize so thus you will not run out of energy.

Take a look at the calendar and see what’s coming up! Choose what’s necessary and then prioritize it – focus and use your energy in the next few days on it!

Make anything scheduled is so important to keep you productive on days when the symptoms strike. This is also worth a try to help manage your stress.

Try some relaxation techniques!

Dealing with stress with a good stress management is so critical to help control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Especially during flare-up, add more time for your body to relax.

If necessary, there are also some relaxation technique you can try to help manage and release stress (see this section)!

Make a list you need to do when the pain strikes!


When you are experiencing severe fatigue or pain, you are more likely to lose ideas what you should do because you may not be able to think clearly. This can put you at greater chance of getting into a spiral of despair and stress.

But if you get prepared before, you can follow your plan that you have made. This can help give you a good management and sense of control over the problem.

Write down the list of steps you need to follow for coping. Keep it and read it when the symptoms strike!

It’s also recommended to write down a variety of options for coping. Different techniques and strategies can give you alternative choice. For instance, some may work well on one day, but not on the next flares.

Share with others to get emotional support!

You may think that it’s better to hide the symptoms and let yourself go into self-isolation. But it is not the real answer to cope with the problem!

Sometime, letting yourself alone is good to relax your body. But don’t go too long – isolating yourself can make you feel lonely and put you at high risk of depression!

It’s much better to share what you feel to an understanding family member or friend. There are also some online support groups you can follow to share your experience and get more emotional support.

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