Does Folic Acid and Zinc Increase Sperm Count?

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In this research, lack of zinc decreased the sperm movement. And as well we know, poor sperm motility means lower chance of getting conception.

Another study found that the antioxidants properties of zinc may play a key role in reducing the oxidative damage and boost the quality of sperm [7]. But in general, the role of this mineral in spermatogenesis is still not fully understood.

How does it help boost sperm count?

Experts know that folate and zinc are essential in the creation of sperm. But like in folate, there is still no clearly answer of how zinc can help increase the number of sperms in the male semen.

Rich dietary sources of zinc is more recommended

Taking supplement may be the top choice of practical option if you need to get high doses of certain mineral or vitamin. But in general, experts recommend rich dietary sources of zinc instead of supplement for most healthy adults.

However for those who are vulnerable to get zinc deficiency like women with pregnancy or breastfeeding, and people with anorexia or other health conditions – zinc supplement can be prescribed by doctor.

If your doctor recommends you taking zinc supplement, he may also ask you to get more dietary copper or take copper supplement. Because zinc can be potential to decrease the amount of copper absorption in the body! Too high zinc intake will probably cause a copper deficiency [8].

The following is a table about RDA (the Recommended Daily Allowance) of zinc for different ages and genders [9]:

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* mg is milligrams

Poultry (particularly breast chicken), crab, red meats, oysters are some foods very rich in zinc. Other choices include whole grains, soy, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, green beans, almonds, and legumes. In general, zinc found in plant foods are less readily absorbed by your body than zinc found in animal foods. And this mineral can be optimally absorbed by the body when we consume it with protein.

Zinc and folic acid are good combination for male sperm count

While some studies confirmed that bot zinc and folate are essential for male fertility, the combination of both can provide much more significant improvement for male sperm quality – according to a Dutch Study [11].

This study analyzed the effect of zinc and folic acid in men with fertility problem (particularly with low sperm count). The result of the study showed that men who took more zinc and folic acid had a significant improvement in their sperm count.

But researchers did not find the significant improvement in men who have already healthy and normal sperm counts. They also concluded that the effect will be less powerful if folic acid or zinc taken alone!

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