Foods That Make Fibromyalgia Worse

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How about smoking? Like caffeine and alcohol, smoking is commonly also considered bad for fibromyalgia.

The effect of smoking on the disease may become more significant if followed with poor posture or inappropriate exercise. Together, they may aggravate the disease and its symptoms.

Regardless to the issue of whether or not smoking is bad for fibromyalgia, it’s clear that this unhealthy habit is so bad for your entire health. Smoking is linked to increased risk of many health conditions. So if you are a smoker, consider quitting!

Does vegan diet help for fibromyalgia?

This kind of diet is also often known as ‘strict’ vegetarian. In this diet, you need to avoid not only meat but also milk products, eggs, and honey.

Even some practitioners of this diet can additionally exclude the use of products from animals in other forms such as lanolin (cosmetics), pearls (jewelry), and leather /wool (clothing).

However, there are several types of veganism. And the way of adopting veganism can vary.

The answer of whether vegan diet does have an effect in helping to improve fibromyalgia is unclear yet. A small research of inadequate design hints that this diet might be useful for people with fibromyalgia [3].

What is the bottom line?

Still, a healthy and well-balanced diet is commonly considered ‘best choice’ for people with fibromyalgia.

Just like everyone else, diet high in fiber (veggies and fruits), lean protein, and whole grain – and low in saturated fat and carbohydrate is considered good to help cope with the problem. A well-balanced diet is essential to improve your overall health.

As mentioned before, people with fibromyalgia is vulnerable to have fatigue or easier to get fatigue. Your appropriate diet can help. For instance, getting a breakfast with adequate protein and whole grains can give more energy.

Certainly, you should not only rely on your diet to cope with fatigue. Being active during the day and having adequate sleep at night are also other things you need to always remember!

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