Forehead Hairline Growth (How to Deal with)

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Does hairline-lowering surgery work for anyone?

Well, this is simple question but not easy to answer since there are several factors to be taken into account. So it usually requires comprehensive evaluation. Ask more about this during consultation with your dermatologist!


A few examples of questions for further assessment may include:

  1. Do you have certain health condition that may affect healing process, especially skin-related conditions?
  2. Have you had any invasive procedures to the head area?
  3. Your age is also important! The procedure is usually not recommended for people younger than 25 years of age since they still have a condition called premature hair loss, a condition of when uneven hairline might still change with age.

In case of when you’re not a good candidate for the procedure, you will usually be suggested against this option.

How far you can go with the procedure?

The answer varies, because several factors would have effects on this. The main ones could be your personal history of hair loss problem and your scalp’s laxity.

As well as these variables, your own expectations and goals from the procedure matter too!


How about the downtime and drawbacks?

Hairline-lowering surgery is probably the quickest thing to fix thinning hairline, but it’s also going without any risk.

Absolutely, it causes pain as with most surgeries. But the pain is usually moderate, expected for about 3-5 days post-op. People can usually return to their normal activities 1-2 weeks afterwards — and they should avoid any intense workout until at least 6 weeks or 2 months after the operation.

How about the risk of scaring post-op? Yes, there is a chance for visible scaring to occur.

But the incisions for hairline-lowering surgery are usually positioned in the natural spot of hairline, so it would be as hidden as possible. Also, the incisions are often made in ‘zig zag’ to make it fade more naturally.

Over time, the skin pigmentation of these incisions will return to normal. It may take a couple of months or longer, each case varies.

The last, how much does it cost?

Unfortunately, the procedure also cots lot of money. And mostly it is not covered by insurance since it’s a cosmetic procedure.

The cost varies from clinic to clinic, ranging from $5000 to $10,000! To get the overall picture, it’s much better to choose a package that already includes the cost for post-surgery care.


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