Gastritis Diet: Banana, Avocado, and Chocolate?

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Chocolates and gastritis

When it comes to talking about chocolate, it usually refers to milk chocolate. If that’s what you mean, eating this kind of chocolate can cause your gastritis symptoms flare up.

Milk chocolate is a highly processed food, which usually involves the addition of bad ingredients — such as sugars, condensed milk, cream, or other dairy products. Therefore, it is not good for gut bacteria. Sugary and dairy products can also contribute to excess wind and bloating. Furthermore, processed foods are more likely to have an acid ash.

But if you’re keen to include chocolates into your diet — choose pure, dark chocolate! This kind of chocolate is relatively healthier than milk chocolates, because it’s low in sugars and dairy products. Even the pure fermentation of cocoa beans can provide several health benefits. Because this process carries a variety of essential minerals and vitamins for the body including the stomach!

Even though you have lactose intolerance, it might be still OK to eat dark chocolates. In fact, most dark chocolates are safe for many people who suffer from lactose.

But always read the ingredients! Just ensure that there is no any flavor containing lactose. And again, keep everything in moderation.


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