Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Causes during Pregnancy

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Ask your doctor to evaluate your risk of GDM! Ask also about the screening test for GDM, when you should take it?!

Once you conceive, your doctor usually will address GDM as part of your regularly prenatal care. And if you eventually develop the condition during pregnancy, you may need to take more frequent checkups!

When is the pregnancy glucose test done?

It’s important for all pregnant women to take the pregnancy glucose test. Generally, you need to take the test at 24th to 28th weeks of pregnancy. But if you have many risk factors of the condition, you may need to take it earlier.

Analyzing the fluctuation of blood sugar levels through oral glucose tolerance test is the primary part of the screening test. Sometimes the test may also include analyzing your risk factors and your personal medical history.

What is oral glucose tolerance test? It measures the glucose tolerance of your body – as the name suggests. It uses glucola (a sweetened liquid that contains about 50 gram of glucose) that you drink during test.

About 60 minutes afterwards, your doctor will take a blood sample from your arm. This blood sample is then closely examined. This allows doctor to analyze the mechanism of your body in metabolizing the glucose.

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