Glucose Levels Chart (Men Over 60)

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Hypoglycemia risk! It’s not only about high blood sugar. Elderly men with diabetes are also at high risk of hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar).

Simplifying your treatment is probably the answer, especially if you’re going with insulin therapy. For instance, your doctor may suggest a regimen of once-a-day insulin (with non-insulin medications) instead of multiple insulin injections.

Increased risk of complications with age! Age would make diabetes complications more likely to occur. Let’s say stroke and heart disease, these are two common complications in those over 60.

Here self-monitor is very important to reduce the risk of these complications! Keep monitoring your blood sugar levels as well as what your healthcare team suggests. Write down the readings and report this regularly to your doctor!

Reduced hearing problem! While hearing loss is a common thing with age, diabetes would make this worse than usual. Some elderly diabetics may have trouble to hear or understand the instructions from their doctor.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is hard to fix. But you can get almost everything in writing, especially your doctor’s instructions. Ask him /her to write down the instructions! Or ask someone else with you when visiting your doctor to help relay the information.

Decreased vision problems! Vision problems are common in elderly people, especially those with diabetes. Whether it has to do with diabetes or related to aging, it will significantly affect the way of how you read glucose meter test.

Solutions; use blood glucose unit with a large display to show the test result so you can read it more easily! Lifestyle measures such as getting enough sleep, adequate rest for your eyes, or creating eye-friendly surroundings (not sitting in front of computer for long hours for example) would also help a lot.

Since management for diabetes is a lifelong process, it’s important to stay organized. With the help of your family, organize all of your prescription pills in a reminder to stay on top of your diabetes medication regimen! If necessary make a journal of your treatment and keep it, write down everything!

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