Good Laundry Detergent for Eczema

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Non-biological washing powder is commonly considered as good laundry detergent for eczema. It is less likely to irritate the skin (particularly dry skin) of people with eczema. Many sufferers feel that their skin doesn’t react to this washing powder. Therefore, most of them prefer using non-bio product than biological powders. Nevertheless, the truth is that there is still no any scientific evidence to confirm this assumption.

Knowing more about modern fabric detergents

The goal of washing clothes is to remove grime, greasy /oily mark, and soil. And today, there are lots of types of modern fabrics. That’s why you require laundry detergents containing a range of different ingredients.

Most of washing detergents contain some basic cleaning ingredient, particularly such as surfactants.

image_illustration136Surfactants are needed to help allow the cleaning solution to dampen the fabric’s surface so thus the strains can be easily loosened. This ingredient is also functional to prevent the removed-dirt from getting back to go to the clothes.

Another basic ingredient can be a type of bleach and enzymes. They are used to help kill germs and remove any stains. The ingredients of enzymes can be cellulose (useful to improve the appearance of cotton – make it looking new), lipase (it is used to remove fatty oil), and protease for removing protein stains.

The bleach for laundry detergents is not same to what we find in detergents for drains or cleaning toilets. Since is used for washing a cloth, this bleach is specifically designed for use on fabrics.

And nowadays, most consumers are also looking for products that can clean their clothes with smell clean as great as look clean. For this reason, the use of perfumes is added.

The modern washing products are also available in several forms such as liquids, powder, and even tablets. In general, both ‘tablets and powder’ washing products contain all of ingredients mentioned before. But for liquids, this type usually doesn’t contain bleaches.

Unfortunately, not all of ingredients in most modern laundry detergent products are safe for eczema sufferers. Some ingredients may lead to an allergic reaction in some cases.

Non-bio vs. Bio laundry detergents

Non-bio washing products for laundry don’t have enzymes that can be found in bio-detergents. In bio products, they are made with some natural enzymes that can work effectively in washing & cleaning clothes at lower temperature.

These enzymes are actually similar to enzymes that we can find in the digestive track. They are biodegradable and can help digest fats & also proteins at low temperatures.

However, some people (including for some who have eczema) find that the use of bio detergents cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, they prefer using non-bio detergents.

A biological powder is more powerful in removing the grease on the clothes (this can be helpful if you use a greasy emollient). But only use this kind of detergent if you clearly know that it doesn’t cause a skin reaction!

How about with fabric softeners?

Fabric softeners are commonly used to improve the final rinse of the wash. They can help make clothes smoother and softer – this is also helpful to make ironing not too difficult.

They can contain some additional preservatives, fragrance, and also surfactants. Unfortunately, these are likely to lead to a skin reaction in some people, particularly for those with eczema.

While bio-laundry detergents are not friendly for the skin of some people with eczema, fabric softeners are definitely considered ‘no’ for most eczema sufferers. The good news, using softened clothes are not too essential.

Additionally, there are also some sufferers can safely use unperformed fabric conditioners. But whether we have a skin problem or not, don’t use any fabric conditioner for your towel on the first wash, because this can reduce absorbency!

Is there any specific recommended product of washing powder for eczema?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’. Like in finding emollients, finding the best laundry detergent for your skin (if you have eczema) require a little research until you get the one that meets to your skin needs.

In other words, you have to try various products before finding the one that meets your best! Moreover, make sure your choice also meets the whole family.

Today, some brands offer new products that can work safely for people with a sensitive skin. However, though these products are labeled for sensitive skin, it is not definitely safe for your skin. Again, try and error is the best way to find the answer.

Whatever your choice, make sure to use it according to the instructions – particularly for the amount! Typically, we will use less detergent if we live in a soft water area.

Other helpful tips

The following are some general checklist you can follow to wash your clothes if you have eczema:


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