What Helps with Hair Loss after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Say “NO” for tobacco smoke

Cigarette smoking causes an addiction to nicotine, it’s hard to stop. If you’re a smoker and many health conditions associated with smoking are still not enough to make you consider quitting, a message focused on the way you look (hair) instead of health may do help for quitting.

Toxins in tobacco smoke will take a serious toll on your overall health, including hair. Some may damage hormones and hurt hair follicles, leading to increased risk of premature graying and hair loss [6].

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to avoid smoking after bariatric surgery. Overeating is a risky behavior that causes obesity and why you eventually took the surgery — meaning you’ve given up one risky behavior. But other risky behaviors such as smoking and abusing alcohol may take its place afterwards.

Hair loss is not the only one

Gastric sleeve surgery removes about 75 percent of your stomach in order to restrict food intake and induce weight loss. So it’s a major operation and you’re likely to have a number of discomforts after the operation, hair loss is only one of these discomforts. Although they sound unpleasant, again they are temporary (will relieve with time).

Skin changes

Some patients may experience mild skin problems such as dry skin or acne after the operation. In such case, eating right and rest are probably helpful to deal with. If necessary, try OTC lotions or creams to ease your skin problem. But if it gets worse, see a dermatologist!

Nausea and vomiting

Changes in your stomach may cause nausea or vomiting, particularly common a few months after the operation. But this is temporary and will relieve once your new stomach size is fully healed. Meanwhile, what and how you eat can help manage the symptoms. For instance, don’t drink /eat too quickly or too much!

Gurgling noises

Although this side effect is probably not necessarily uncomfortable, sometimes it’s worth noting. Actually gurgling noises is a normal response to the way your digestive system pushes air through. But after bariatric surgery, gurgling noises are likely to occur more frequently. The best way to deal with, avoid swallowing air (e.g. avoid chewing gum, carbonated drinks, eating too quickly, or drinking from a straw).

Body aches and feeling tired

Body aches may occur after surgery, but it should relieve over time. However sometimes pain relievers are required, ask your doctor if your body aches become too uncomfortable. The same goes for tired feeling (weak), it should also improve with time.

What else?

Other things you may experience after the operation; abdominal bloating (gas), diarrhea, constipation, and feeling cold as your body reacts to changes in metabolism and weight loss.

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