Hair Loss in Women Causes Over 60

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Eating a balanced diet

It’s undeniable what you eat does have effects on your overall health, including hair follicles. Your hair shaft requires plenty of adequate nutrients to grow and keep healthy.

Without solid nutrition, hair loss is likely to occur. In particular if you have deficiencies in protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B3 [3].

To get most of your hair growth solid nutrition, what best to eat in your daily diet – read more in this article!

Understand what your hairs need most!

As you age (especially over 60), torture your hair less not more!

It’s probably hard to follow this rule, especially when you’re expecting to look glowing. But always try involving less hair color, less heat-styling, and less teasing. Just keep away from any excess styling damage to protect your fragile hair.

Elderly women are also at high risk of having dryer & flaky scalp along with their brittle, graying hair. So if necessary, apply moisturizing products to your hair and scalp. For example, try moisturizing conditioner with hazelnut oil to soothe dry scalp.

What else?

  1. Along with a health balanced diet, do also other things to boost your healthy hair most. Even simple things may help. For examples, run in a healthy hair growth way with getting enough sleep and managing your stress.
  2. Avoid anything that can lead to traumatic hair loss, such as putting excessive force (constant) on your hair, excessive use of traumatic hair tools (e.g. hot combs or rollers), too much use of hair chemicals or hair relaxers.

Furthermore, don’t get a haircut rut! A simple idea, go with graduated layers kept close to your face. This may help soften your aging angular cheekbones and jawline.

And if necessary, make regular appointments with your primary care provider for more guidance about comprehensive preventive medical care (particularly true if you have hair loss problem related to specific medical condition)!


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