How Does Hearing Loss Due To Stroke Occur?

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Unlike stroke that affects left or right brain, brain-stem stroke can affect both sides of the survivor’s body.

Brain stem is a small part of the brain (it can be found at very base of your brain), but it’s very crucial to control some body functions. These functions include to control:

  1. The mechanism of your breathing.
  2. Your blood pressure.
  3. And even your heartbeats.

Brain stem is also crucial to regulate the major nerves of the body involved with hearing, chewing, swallowing, speech, and your eyes movement.

All cases of stroke can be life-threatening condition. But one that affects brain steam may be more severe than others, because sometime survivor is only able to move his /her eyes and loses control on almost all parts of his /her body (this is often called as ‘locked-in syndrome’).

The Ohio State University, about ‘Effects of stroke’ [ healthcare_services/stroke/ effects/Pages/index.aspx]

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