Do Herbal Supplements Warts Work?

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  1. Standardized extract of olive leaf. It can help fight against viral infection and boost immune activity.
  2. Extract of reishi mushroom. It can help slow blood clotting. But since it can cause low blood pressure, consult first with a doctor before taking this supplement.
  3. Standardized extract of cat’s claw. It is thought helpful to fight against viral, fungal, and bacterial infection. Never use it if you have Leukemia! It can interact with many different medications – talk with your doctor before taking it!
  4. Standardized extract of green tea! As well we know, green tea is rich in antioxidant. For best result, choose one that is free from caffeine – especially if you have hypertension!

*Use the supplements according to the package directions!


It’s recommended to talk first with a doctor before taking any herbs or other alternative treatments, particularly if you also have other health conditions! Some herbs /treatments may interact with medicines that you are taking or may have side effects.

Other alternative treatments

Like in herbs, there is also no evidence of alternative treatments for warts that work – though some sufferers said that they found benefits from these treatments.

Physical therapies

There are several choices, some of them include:

  1. Acupuncture. This traditional Chinese technique can help relieve stress. For warts, it may help by stimulating the body immune system.
  2. Hypnosis therapy. According to one study, it may be more effective than topical salicylic acid.

How about homeopathy?

Unfortunately, again it is also not confirmed yet whether it works for warts. According to two clinical trials, homeopathy was not better than placebo in treating warts.

Nevertheless, some professional homeopaths believe that some treatments in homeopathy can help. Before prescribing the most appropriate remedy for your warts, they usually evaluate your emotional, physical, and intellectual makeup.

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