Can High Blood Pressure Affect Male Fertility?

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Since the role of blood flow in the body is very crucial for your overall, it’s important to keep your blood pressure normal. Hypertension or High blood pressure is often considered as the leading risk factor of many health problems such as heart diseases, heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. It may also affect the male fertility!

What are the common complications of hypertension?

In fact, though hypertension can be life-threatening condition if left untreated but it is a common condition in many countries.

In order to distribute oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body, blood is pumped by the heart. When the blood flows through your arteries and veins, it creates pressure against your artery and vein walls. This pressure is what we call as blood pressure.

image_illustration72High blood pressure occurs when the pressure against the blood vessel walls is higher than normal. If left untreated, over time it can harm your blood vessels which then probably cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack.

Fertility problem or infertility in men is not commonly associated with hypertension. But hypertension can have an indirect effect on it.

The following are some common complications associated with left-untreated hypertension:

Blood vessel damage

Over time, too high pressure that pushes the walls of the blood vessels can be harmful. It can make the arteries to weaken and bulge!

This can lead to an aneurysm which then will be potential to rupture! If there is any aneurysm that ruptures, this is serious condition and even can be life-threatening!


It is a medical term to describe narrowing and hardening artery.

We know well that arteries are very crucial in the cardiovascular system. They are important to carry blood rich in nutrients and oxygen away from the heart to other parts of the body.

Atherosclerosis can lead to a clogged artery. Hypertension and high cholesterol are the major leading factors of atherosclerosis. For more information about atherosclerosis, visit this helpful post!

Heart attack and stroke

Depending on where the atherosclerosis or clogged artery occurs, stroke or heart attack can occur.

When clogged artery occur in one or some of arteries that distribute blood rich in nutrients /oxygen to cells of the brain, stroke will occur. And if this problem affects an artery or some arteries close to the heart, heart attack can occur.

Heart failure

While hypertension can be a sign that there is something wrong with the cardiovascular system, it also can make your heart work much harder than usual.

Over time, the heart muscles can thicken to pump adequate volume of blood that body needs. Eventually, there will be a time of when thickened heart muscle has a hard time in pumping the blood, which then may lead to a heart failure.

Weakened, thickened, and narrowed blood vessels in other parts of the body

Left-untreated hypertension can cause the narrowed /weakened blood vessels in almost all parts of the body. The problem can affect blood vessels of the kidneys or even eyes, which eventually may cause kidney problem and vision loss.

What else?

High blood pressure can increase your risk of developing other problems associated with metabolic syndrome such as high cholesterol and decreasing insulin sensitivity.

All these things can put you at greater chance of developing stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Moreover, uncontrolled hypertension sometime may have an effect on your memory. In fact, difficulty understanding and memory problem are pretty common in hypertensive people, particularly for those that are poor in controlling their hypertension.

How does high blood pressure (hypertension) affect fertility in men?

Both male and female fertilities are a complex process – either for factors that affect them. In fact, there is a wide range of factors that can affect them, from lifestyle factors to health problems.


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