Can High Blood Pressure Affect Male Fertility?

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As written before, if hypertension does have an effect on the male fertility, it affects fertility in men indirectly. There is still no scientific evidence to confirm the direct link between hypertension and male fertility.

But it’s clear that hypertension is one of common causes of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Even some medicines used to treat high blood pressure may also have an indirect effect in causing ED. And experts have confirmed that ED is one of common psychological and physiological problems that can affect male fertility. In fact, many men with ED are often difficult to make their partner to get pregnant!

If hypertension plays key a role in causing ED, the problem can be treated. Fortunately, high blood pressure is controllable condition and there are plenty of options you can do to improve it.

Even many times, it is often successfully improved and treated with lifestyle approaches. Here is a complete guide of home remedies to improve and lower high blood pressure naturally.

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