High Cholesterol When Going Through Menopause!

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  1. Triglyceride is a kind of fat in your blood. It also needs lipoprotein to travel through the body. High triglyceride can contribute to cause high total cholesterol. And older women are likely to have higher triglyceride.
  2. The increased risk of obesity. As you age, you will lose more pounds of your muscles and easy to gain weight. Obesity can make it harder to control your cholesterol.

So it’s very important to pay more attention on your cholesterol as you age. This is particularly true if you’re approaching your menopause.

How about hormone therapy? Is it your option?

Hormone replacement therapy is one of treatment options to help ease the menopause symptoms. As the name suggests, this treatment contains female hormones to help restore the deficiency of particular hormones (such as estrogen) after menopause.

It was thought that this treatment provides the long-term advantage of preventing cardiovascular disease and other conditions associated with menopause. But today, these claims are debatable.

Some new studies suggest that hormone replacement therapy doesn’t provide benefits that outweigh the risk – especially if it is given to older postmenopausal women. Even in some cases, it can be counterproductive. That’s why some doctors become less likely to recommend and prescribe it.

The American Heart Association also doesn’t recommend it for cardiovascular prevention. Instead, cholesterol-lowering medicines are more recommended for most menopausal and post-menopausal women with heart disease. This approach should be followed with lifestyle measures such as cholesterol diet and regular exercise.

However hormone therapy is not always bad. Although it is no longer effective for disease prevention, it may be still useful for certain women. For more advice, talk with your doctor!

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