Does Having High Cholesterol Make You Gain Weight?

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See  also more in-depth information about healthy foods that can help lower cholesterol & blood pressure and also can be good for weight control in this section!


Furthermore, put your health in your top list. If you do love your health, you will eat healthy foods and do other healthy lifestyles with fun. And though fatty foods are typically high in fat (as the name implies) and high in calories, but this doesn’t mean you need to completely skip them from your diet unless you have a special recommendation from your doctor.

The following are some good fats you should prioritize in the diet:

Again, the key is what you eat should meet with your body needs – don’t go too much and don’t go too low! Depending on your current weight, the level of your physical activity and the state of your health – getting fat for about 20-35 percent of your total daily calories requirement is commonly safe, according to recommendation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

To get best result, make sure the most of your dietary fat comes from healthy fats.

Your trans-fat intake should be less than 1 percent of your total calories, and fewer than 10 percent of your total calories /day for your saturated-fats intake.


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