Highest Rated Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

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Natrol Biotin supplement

As mentioned earlier, there are several B complex vitamins involved in hair growth. And the most powerful one is probably biotin /B7. Normally, people don’t need biotin supplement since the body can make biotin on its own.

But if you do have biotin deficiency and hair loss, taking supplement could be your best bet.

Hair loss associated with biotin deficiency usually appears gradually. It may be followed with other symptoms of the deficiency such as brittle hair, brittle nails, dry skin, dry eyes, fatigue, or nausea [9].

Natrol Biotin is worth trying since lots of people say that biotin supplement works for thinning hair, despite a lack of studies confirming its efficacy. Biotin also makes nails healthy and thicker. Plus, we can say there is no risk for ‘overdose’, because it’s water soluble and easy to pass naturally through the body.

So even though the tablet is loaded with high dose of biotin (10,000mcg of biotin per tablet, which is probably the maximum dose you can find for hair loss treatment), it should be safe enough. But to keep safe, check the instructions (follow the recommended daily dose as the manufacture suggests, one a day).

Cons! There are also a few drawbacks. It might cause hair growth on unexpected areas (other parts of the body), though this is not common.

It works — but not for everyone. A few consumers didn’t have a difference or the results didn’t reach the standard levels of some other vitamins. Also, it may cause breakouts if you have more sensitive skin, especially when you don’t drink enough water during treatment.

Revita anti-hair loss tablets

Formulated by a trusted manufacture, DSL Laboratories – the Revita anti-hair loss tablets are quite promising to help deal with some hair loss factors commonly found in women such as hormonal issues, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

Products of DSL lab have a good reputation since they’re backed by proven evidence of clinical testing. Not only biotin, the tablet contains other active ingredients.

It has a powerful antioxidant called melatonin, which is likely more effective than vitamin C in fighting against free radicals. The folks at DSL lab believe that melatonin is one of strong agents to protect the hair follicles from oxidative stress.

The tablet is also loaded with essential minerals (zinc), vitamin D, and some types of isoflavones to help reduce DHT by inhibiting alpha-reductase enzyme.

Also, it’s easy to take. You only need to take a single tablet per day, which is practical for everyone.

The bad! It’s a bit expensive if compared to most other hair-growth vitamins. And it takes time to see a difference.

Although DSL lab is a good, reputable company – it seems there are still a few consumers who have tried and used the Revita anti-hair loss tablets. So it’s difficult to clearly figure out whether or not this supplement works.

Hair growth vitamins mentioned above are safe and well-tolerated for most individuals. But remember that each product has potential side effects. If you’re on medications or have certain medical condition, check with your doctor first to keep safe!


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