How Can Type-1 Diabetes Be Treated and Prevented?

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Some of common types of insulin for diabetes are short-acting, rapid-acting, long-acting, intermediate-acting, and pre-mixed. The decision of your doctor about the best insulin for your diabetes is usually based on the following factors:

  1. The unique ability of your body to respond insulin.
  2. Your lifestyle factors !For example how much physical activities or workouts that you can do, or if you still drink alcohol, how much you drink it, etc – these factors can affect the processing insulin in your body.
  3. How often you are willing to take a blood test in checking the level of your blood sugar!
  4. How willing you are to take insulin a day?!
  5. How well you manage your blood sugar level?
  6. And your age and overall health – ask your doctor for in-depth information!

Here is the table (credit to WebMD) about types of insulin from some brands:

Note: ‘onset’ means the approximate length of time before the insulin goes & reaches the bloodstream and then start working to decrease the level of blood sugar – ‘peak’ means the approximate period of time when the insulin is at most powerful /effective in decreasing blood sugar level – and for ‘duration’, it points to the length of time for insulin continues working to decrease blood sugar level!

However the number of onset, peak, and duration listed on the table is the estimation. In other words they may vary from person to person –depending on the body’s patient response.


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