How Does Diabetes (Type-2) Affect the Digestive System?

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  1. Severe vomiting.
  2. A condition called bezoar may also occur. It is a condition when the foods in the stomach harden, causing a blockage which is an emergency situation.
  3. Food that stays too long in the stomach may spoil, triggering the growth of bad bacteria in the stomach.

Other complications of type-2 diabetes

The nerve damage due to poor management of high blood sugar in diabetes is not only associated with the problems of stomach and digestive system. Diabetic neuropathy also can affect other nerves of the body, such as; nerves that regulates and controls your senses of taste, hearing, and vision. It also can affect nerves of your legs.


The complex diabetic neuropathy can generate lots of problems, these may include:

  1. Blurred vision /decreased vision or other eye problems.
  2. Hearing problems.
  3. Numbness, tingling, or pain at tips of the finger /toes of the legs.
  4. In men, the problem may causeED /erectile dysfunction.
  5. Decreased sense to feel cold, heat, or even pain.

Other major complications of type-2 diabetes are:

  1. High risk of skin infections /skin problems (such as yeast infections, itching, and fungal infections). Also, the disease also often causes a slower healing if you have a wound on your skin.
  2. Hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol.
  3. The risk of heart disease, other cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.
  4. Kidneys disease. As well we know, kidneys have crucial function to filter blood and throw away waste from the blood through urine distributed to the bladder for disposal. If your blood is high in sugar and cholesterol, this can hurt the kidneys. With high blood pressure, kidney failure is likely to occur.

Controlling your blood sugar is critical if you have type-2 diabetes. A few lifestyle measures would help a lot to deal with.

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