How Does Lifestyles Affect Your Acne Flare-ups?

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Watch on your cell phone

Minimize the direct contact between your cell phone and your face! In fact, cell phones are one of the most hotbeds for germs in this modern living, according to some studies.

They can spread germs and dirt from your hands (fingers via texting or SMS) to the skin of your face (via talking if you don’t use headset). Therefore to keep safe, don’t forget to wipe the surface of your cell phone every day with a little hand sanitizer.

Stand Protection Factor

Use SPF (Stand Protection Factor) when you are in the sun for long hours! Getting excessive exposure to sunlight can dry out your skin – therefore it’s important to wear SPF if you have a lot of outdoor activities.

Without SPF, it’s easier for your skin to get burned and this can worsen the lesions of acne. Additionally, if you have acne-prone skin, choose lighter SPF with non-occlusive chemical ingredients! SPF contains titanium oxide / zinc oxide is more likely to become thicker which then can be more potential to clog the pore openings of the skin.

Prioritize also sunscreen products that labeled with ‘noncomedogenic’! The label of noncomedogenic means that the product should not clog the pores of the skin – as noted before.

Get plenty of H2O (water) a day!

Being hydrated is the basic thing you need to follow to improve the health of your skin – even it’s also important for your entire health! According to a research conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia, being hydrated is very crucial to help maintain the blood flow throughout the skin and body.


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