How Does Low Testosterone Affect Diabetes?

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Furthermore, the risk of having the decline of this male hormone is also equivalent to the age – your risk increases as your get older. And in fact, the age is also one of diabetes risk factors. This may make it harder to find the correlation between low testosterone and diabetes.

However in general, men with diabetes (type-2 diabetes) are at higher risk (2 times higher) of developing low testosterone than men who don’t have diabetes – according to an article published on the American Diabetes Association.

Too low levels of this male hormone may contribute in causing insulin resistance – and as a result, the body needs to make more insulin to maintain the levels of blood sugar. Though the levels of this male hormones drop naturally with age, it would drop more drastically in men with obesity! And diabetes may provoke this effect.

Testosterone replacement therapy may help restore this male hormone back to the normal levels, but it’s also not clear whether this option can help effectively reduce the risk of diabetes. Overall, more research is required!

If you have diabetes, should you take a testosterone test? In general, doctors usually suggest men with diabetes to also take a testosterone test, particularly true if they have some symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction.

Your doctor may ask you to take the test as part of your basic medical care without needing to wait for the symptoms, because as noted before that there is no specific sign of the low level!

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