How Does Pimple Cream Work – Is It Effective?

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Are there any side effects? Unfortunately, there is less information in this area. To keep safe, it’s recommended to consult with a doctor before taking any kind of antibiotic acne cream /gel product.

Does laser acne treatment work?

When it comes to pimple treatment with laser therapy, there are several options.

One of common choices is with a method called ‘Isolaz’. It is a kind of photopneumatic medication that works by using a suction cup apparatus (this procedure is intended to suck deep in the pores and transfer an appropriately intense pulsed light to the inner parts of the skin).

With appropriate setting, this light pulsed light treatment can help shrink the sebaceous glands of the skin. As a result, the excessive oil production of the skin is more controllable.

Many doctors say that laser acne treatment is worth a try, since it would provide significant improvement at short time. But it is also not cheap and you usually will need it more than once.

Sometimes, doctors can use it to help improve brown spots and skin texture — as well as in improving uneven skin tone.


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