How Fast and Where Does Prostate Cancer Spread (metastasis)?

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Here is the table (source; the National Cancer Institute) about the main sites of metastasis from some different types of cancer:

Table for main sites of metastasis of different types of cancer

What happens when prostate cancer spreads to the bones?

Again, bone is the most common site of where the cancerous cells from prostate to spread.  The complications of when bone is affected by prostate cancer can vary from patient to patient – depending on the location and size of the cancer that affects the bone.

But pain, swelling, and problems associated with movement are the most common symptoms that occur. Other less common symptoms may include; pathological fracture (a weakened bone that breaks), high fever, unusual weight loss, and fatigue (frequent tiredness).

Typically, the pain is getting worse at night. Tender or painful sensation can occur in the areas of bones affected by cancer. Bones of thighs, hips, and back may be the most vulnerable areas for the metastasis of prostate cancer.

For swelling symptom or lump, it usually occurs when the cancerous tumor in bone is quite large in size. But this is also dependent on the location of the affected bones. For cancer that affects a joint, lump may be relatively easier to be noticeable and it also can choke the way to move the affected joint. You also may have a limp if the cancerous cells have spread in  the bone of your leg.

Does prostate cancer spread to the brain?

Theoretically, cancer cells may be able to spread to any sites /organs of the body – particularly true if left untreated. So, does it spread to the brain?

‘Yes’ there are a few number of this case. But however, the case of brain for metastasis of prostate cancer is very rare if compared to other common sites of metastasis (such as bones, lungs, & liver).

*This article is only purposed for general information. For more comprehensive information about prostate cancer metastasis, see medical specialists for prostate cancer!

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