How to Improve Speech after a Stroke?

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In this study, stroke survivors take a speech therapy called CIAT or constraint-induced aphasia therapy. This technique combines language games and intense verbal communication therapy.

The therapy is designed to encourage survivors to speak more rather than using their gestures in communicating with others. The study found that the improvement of language skills improved up to 85 percent after six months.

Singing may also help!

Singing is a fun activity, and almost all people love it a lot. With singing, stroke survivors with difficulty speaking are intended to explore more how they can speak normally.

Furthermore, singing also can be good idea for a part of stress management. Survivors can try singing a song that they love. Start from a song that has lyric with simple articulation so thus they can say each word more easily!

But does this idea really work?

According to a study presented at a discussion of the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2010, a technique called the ‘Musical Intonation Therapy’ may be able to help effectively regain speech after suffering stroke.

Actually this technique was developed long years ago (1970s), but it has not been widely used.


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