How Likely Am I to Have and Suffer A Stroke?

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Obesity and lack of physical activity

Both problems can increase your risk! If there are more excessive pounds of weight you gain, your heart will work harder because it needs to pump more blood all around the body.


In fact, obesity can lead to many risk factors of stroke such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart diseases.

Like obesity, lack of physical activity is also linked to higher risk of high cholesterol and hypertension. It also can directly affect how well you control you weight gain.

If you have regular exercise and get plenty of physical activity a day, there will be more calories you can burn so thus you can be easier to avoid overweight.

Uncontrolled stress

Stress can cause a sudden increase in your blood pressure. Though this is temporary, but the effect can be dramatic.

Many times, stress is inevitable condition – but it can be managed! See also helpful tips to cope with stress in the previous post!

In addition, your risk also increases if you have cardiovascular problems such as irregular heart rhythm, heart defect, heart failure, and heart infection.

Sometime having sleep apnea (especially obstructive sleep apnea) can be a trigger factor of stroke because it can significantly affect the oxygen supply of your body during sleep.

Furthermore, the use of hormone therapies or certain birth control pills may also have an effect to your risk. If you concern about these issues, consult more with your GP /doctor for more advice.


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