How Long for Speech to Return after a Stroke?

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According to the National Institutes of Health, typically dysarthria due to stroke will not get worse and may improve.

The recovery of dysarthria can vary, while some can get a full recovery within few weeks or months after stroke, others get it in 1-2 years or maybe longer.

And for aphasia, typically the recovery often involves a long process that can take a longer time than dysarthria – though some cases only need a few weeks or even a few days after stroke attack. Many people with aphasia will not fully recover.

In addition, for both dysarthria and aphasia, the prognosis is also closely dependent on how well patient can follow the treatment plan.

The environment where patients live also has a significant effect. For instance, a sufferer with dysarthria or aphasia who is left alone with little to do will get a slower improvement than if she /he has arousing things /simples thing to do or if she /he is made to feel and get a part of the family.


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