How Long Does Stomach Ulcer Take to Heal?

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  1. You don’t take the medications as well as directed. For example, you may stop taking your antibiotics early.
  2. Your bacterial infection is resistant to your antibiotics.
  3. You continue regularly using painkillers that cause increased risk of ulcers.
  4. Poor lifestyles such as smoking and abusing alcohol may also have an effect.
  5. If there is another infection (other than H-pylori infection).
  6. If you have other medical conditions such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (it can cause extreme overproduction of acid in the stomach), Crohn’s disease (it can lead to ulcer-like sores), or stomach cancer.

Eliminating any factors that interfere with your healing is important if the stomach ulcer fails to heal. Still, the use of different antibiotics is one of primary treatments for an ulcer associated with H-pylori infection.

In worse scenario, the ulcer may cause complication such as a perforation or acute bleeding. In such case, surgery may be required (see more about this surgical option in here)!

Another thing to concern is the recurrence of the ulcer. The chance of recurrence increases if the disease is left untreated or poorly treated. Again, it’s very important to take the treatment promptly and follow your doctor’s treatment advice – otherwise, you are more likely to get the recurrence!

The good news, the prognosis is excellent if the underlying cause of the ulcer is addressed. Eradication of H-pylori infection, evasion of certain painkillers (especially such as NSAIDs), and antisecretory medication often work successfully.

In addition, there are also some alternative treatments. These include supplements containing herbs (such as cabbage, turmeric, mastic, and licorice) and OTC containing calcium carbonate. But since the effectiveness has not been scientifically confirmed, they are not recommended for the primary treatment. And to keep safe, talk with your doctor first before taking any alternative treatment!


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