How Long Does It Take Conception to Occur?

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How long it takes for the zygote (new embryo) to travel from the fallopian tubes to the uterus? This can take about 1-2 days. In the ways of zygote traveling to the uterus, it is simultaneously matures.


However, sometime the zygote has trouble moving from fallopian tubes to the uterus. In a few cases, it can get stuck in the fallopian tube. This can be so harmful because can lead to a condition called ectopic pregnancy.


Then once the zygote has achieved a stage called blastocyst (the advanced stage of embryo after fertilization that usually occurs about 5-6 days after conception), it implants to the thickened uterus lining – causing mild spotting in the next few days that you may mistakenly identify as the first day of your menstrual bleeding

So the implantation of embryo to the lining of the uterus occurs about 1 week after ovulation. Once the embryo is implanted, the female body understands that there is a pregnancy and the production of progesterone continues to support pregnancy and the thickened uterus lining doesn’t shed.

The implanted embryo to the thickened lining of uterus then will begin to develop quickly and takes required nutrients from the blood supply of mother.

If the pregnancy is not expected, this implantation can be prevented by regularly taking birth control pills or the use of emergency contraception pills such as plan-B (morning-after pill).

Once the embryo is implanted, these methods don’t work and pregnancy cannot be prevented!

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