How Much Weight Should You Have During Pregnancy?

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It is normal for your body to gain weight during pregnancy. The big question is how much normal weight you need to gain for pregnancy? There is no single formula to answer this question. In other words, the answer is dependent on the conditions of your body ‘before and during pregnancy’.

Gaining the right amount of weight is important for you and the health of your baby. Sometimes it also can be used for the indication whether or not you have certain health condition associated with your pregnancy. The normal weight gain with balanced diet is so essential to make sure that you and your baby is getting adequate nutrient!

Eating during pregnancy doesn’t mean you eat for two of you. But ‘yes’ you need extra calories and nutrient for the development of your baby. Generally, you need about 100-300 of extra calories than you did before. The exact calculation for the amount of extra calories that you need is usually associated to the weight of your body before pregnancy.

Where does weight gain come from?

We all agree that pregnancy is one of crucial moments in a woman’s life. In this period, there are a lot of changes in your body, including your weight. According to a published article on WebMD, some major causes that have significant contribution for weight gain during pregnancy may include:

  1. The increased weight of uterus that can be about 5-2 pounds.
  2. The increased amount of blood supply (about 4 pounds).
  3. For amniotic fluid (about 3-2 pounds).
  4. For placenta (about 3-2 pounds).
  5. Fat stores associated with breastfeeding (about 9-5 pounds).
  6. The development of breast tissue (about 3-2 pounds).
  7. And for weight of the baby is usually about 8 pounds on average.

Losing weight during pregnancy: Is it safe?

In several cases, some women can be very overweight when pregnant. Sometimes this is not good for the health of the mother and her baby. Therefore, they need to lose their weight — losing weight when pregnant is safe, but it must be under the supervision of their medical provider!

Weight gain when pregnant: How much is safe and normal?

According to a published article on WebMD — for single pregnancy, below are some helpful checklists in general:

  1. For those who have ‘30 or higher’ of BMI (body mass index) before pregnancy, their weight gain should be around ’11 – 20 pounds’.
  2. About ’25 – 15 pounds’ for those who have ‘29.9 – 25’ of BMI.
  3. About ’35 – 25’ pounds for those with ‘24.9 – 18.5’ of BMI before pregnancy.
  4. And you need to gain your weight for about ’40 – 28 pounds’ if you have BMI ‘less than 18.5’. Talk with your healthcare provider for more in-depth information.

And for pregnant women with multiples pregnancy:

  1. The weight gain should be around ‘25 – 42 pounds’ for those with ‘30 – higher’ of BMI before pregnancy.
  2. About ’50 – 31’ pounds for those with around ‘29.9 – 25’ of BMI.
  3. About ’54 – 37’ pounds for those with ‘24.9 – 18.5’ of BMI.
  4. And for those with ‘less than 18.5’ of BMI, ask doctor for the clearly answer.

Note; if you in doubt, don’t get your conclusion on your own — talk with your doctor for clearly answer of how much weight you need to gain for your pregnancy!


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