How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

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Poor dental care


Another problem, it’s not always easy for all pregnant women to practice good dental care.

For instance, some find that brushing the teeth can promote retching, especially when they brush their molars. On the other hand, you are at high risk of tooth decay if you don’t brush your teeth regularly.

If you are one of them, the following tips may help:

  1. The use of brush with a big head is bad choice. To help eliminate the urge of retching, the use of a brush for toddles or others with small head is more recommended.
  2. Brush your teeth smoothly and slowly! Don’t be a hurry but also don’t too slowly! When there is an urge of retching, slow down!
  3. Getting some distractions (like listening to your favorite music) may help.
  4. Sometime, the toothpaste may have an effect, too. If you think that the taste of toothpaste matters, switch to another one!

Dental care before, during, and after pregnancy

When you are trying to get pregnant, you are more likely to focus on how to keep or improve your fertility so thus you can get your conception easily. But dental care before getting pregnant is crucial, too.

If you have good dental care (such as already get used with good oral hygiene practices) before pregnant, you are less likely to have problems related to your teeth and gums during and after pregnancy. So, it’s also recommended to visit your dentist before becoming pregnant!

Once you get pregnant, your pregnancy can affect some options for your dental care. For instance, the use of X-ray for dental care may be skipped by your dentist if you are still pregnant. If you have pregnancy, tell your dentist first before taking any dental care!

And if you have gum /tooth problem during pregnancy, it is usually treated after giving birth. The good news, most kinds of mouth problems associated with pregnancy will improve with /without treatment after you have given birth. Nevertheless, there are also a few gum problems that get worse and require more intensive treatments to resolve.

Overall, it’s important to always practice a good dental care. The health of your mouth not only affects your baby’s health during pregnancy, but also after pregnancy!

For example, if you have problems in your mouth, there is a risk for the problem (such as germs /bacterial infection) can be passed to your newborn by sharing a spoon or kissing.

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