How to Prevent Colon Cancer Naturally?

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Your diet and exercise can play a key role to keep your weight under control. These 3 lifestyle measures (healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintaining weight) can be significant to work together to help prevent colon cancer naturally.


Other lifestyle changes that may help

Some studies show that both abusing alcohol and smoking may have contribution to increase the risk of colon cancer and even other cancers.

So, cut down on alcohol!

Alcohol, especially if you drink it too much, may have a significant role to increase the risk of developing cancers of colon and rectum. If you drink, cut down on it and drink it only in moderation!

The following are general recommendations for safely drinking:

  1. For women – if they drink, it should be only one drink per day or not regularly drink more than 2-3 units!
  2. For men, it should be only two drinks or not more than 3-4 units a day!
  3. But if you just drink too much (heavy drinking), you should avoid any alcohol at least within 48 hours!

Stop smoking!

There are lots of toxins in cigarette smoking. Even second-hand smoking is still harmful, too.

If you are a smoker and looking for another reason for quitting, put reducing the risk of cancers (including bowel cancer) into your list!


Moreover, smokers are also more likely to have other risk factors of colon cancer such as becoming a sedentary individual (lack of physical activity) and abusing alcohol.

Should you take a screening test for colon cancer?

The screening test is not a part of the treatment because it will not treat the disease. But it is required in order to catch and diagnose the existence of cancer in your bowel (including colon and rectum) as early as possible!

If the cancer is diagnosed at early stage, it is much easier to treat because this stage is the time of when the treatment is most likely to work.

A significant risk factor for the disease is the age. Yap, your risk for colon cancer increases as you get older! Therefore, it is commonly recommended to start the screening test at the ages of 50 – 60.

However, if you are at high risk (you have many risk factors of bowel cancer), you may be suggested to take this screening earlier!

There are some procedures of screening test for bowel cancer. Some of common choices are with sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy.

If you do believe that you need to take the screening, see your doctor for more advice!

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