How Does Stroke Affect Family Members?

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If one of your family members got a stroke, this can take on additional financial burdens – especially if the stroke survivor is a person who is main breadwinner of your family. You may also be emotionally upset at emotional or physical declines that affect him/her.

Changes in socialization and relationship

While stroke can affect the way of patient to socialize with others, it may also have the same effect to the caregiver, especially for primary caregiver (a person /family member who is fully in charge to coordinate the care plans determined on by the family).

When you become this primary caregiver, you tend to spend more time with your loved one who is following a stroke recovery. This is good to build a good relationship between a caregiver and a stroke survivor, but you will probably have less time for others such as other family members, siblings, and even friends.

There is chance your interest or energy for activities /projects /or even hobbies you used to enjoy together will probably diminish. This will probably affect the immediate family.


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