How to Improve Depression When It Affects Relationships?

In many cases, divorce or relationship problem is inevitable if you have depression. The problem is not linked directly to the depression. You may never hear a couple that divorces due to her /his partner was depressed. But they often say that their divorce caused by their spouse that had an affair and became distant. How to improve this mental health problem when it affects relationships?

Most mental health experts say that depression can be managed and cured with the right strategies. Remember that there is always a hope. If you have it, try to learn more about how it affects your relationship, then find the roots of problem, get your communication open & keep it, and find professional help for more advice if necessary.

How does depression affect relationships?

There is a chance for you to tune out and then give up on life, depending on the extent or level of your depression. You may often overeat or stop eating (lack of appetite), sleep too little or too much, and you may also have problem to have concentration and difficulty conversing.

depression_in_marriage_illustrationYou may often feel responsible, but you feel like there is no anything that you can do! Meanwhile, your partner is very sympathetic and very understanding at first. Your partner may feel compelled to take more responsibility, particularly if you also have children.

But over time, the risk of having frustration and exhaustion increases. And this then may also affect the feelings of your partner which then may turn to resentment or anger, particularly true if your partner has never been depressed.

As well we know, most people all around the world fall in love each other because they are having fun together and enjoying each other’s company. On the other hand, having depressed partner is often associated with ‘not much fun condition’.

A depressed person is more likely to have poor care to the other partner. As a result, patient often experience lack /loss of libido which then also can affect the relationship with the other partner.

Furthermore depending on the extent of this mental health problem, it also can affect the carrier of patient. Uncontrollable depression may put patient to stop working or resign, and this also can cause a cascade of other problems.

Prognosis and outlook for depression in marriage

Some partners who have a person with depression can cope with the problem and stick with their marriage. While others may get tired and eventually seek divorce, particularly true if the depression often reoccurs or even continues for years!

Which couples that will stay together? Those who clearly understand about the depression, completely know it as a problem together, never give up to relieve and treat it, and those who keep talking (build a good communication) with each other will have better chance to save their marriage.

How to eliminate the risk of relationship problems for depression in marriage?

Some depression occurs due to certain moments /events such as job loss and when we are losing our lovely people (parent, brother, sister, children, etc). This kind of depression is a transient condition. It typically will go away within a few weeks.

Other times, it may reoccur several times or continue.  And once you have a history of depression, you are more likely to experience another episode. The more episodes of depression that you get, the less likely it linked to certain moment /event.

For the case of depression in marriage, it’s much better for both you and your partner to see a therapist together.

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