How to Improve Depression When It Affects Relationships?

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When it comes to reducing the risk of divorce or other relationship problems, an Italian study found that couple therapy is more effective than if the therapy is only focused to the depressed partner.

If talk-or-behavior therapy doesn’t work well, ask your doctor whether you need to take prescribed antidepressants alone or along with the therapy!

Like many drugs, antidepressants also interact to certain medicines. Therefore if you are taking other medicines, tell your doctor.

Along with medications, a few lifestyle measures may help, such as:

  1. Get plenty of sleep!
  2. Do regular exercise!
  3. Learn more the characteristics (symptoms and triggers) of your depression!
  4. Avoid alcohol!
  5. Avoid illegal drugs!
  6. Try alternative therapies (such as yoga, deep breathing exercise, and so on).

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