How to Lose Weight and Still Eat What You Want?

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Can you eat whatever you want and still lose weight? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to losing weight. Theoretically, yes you can – but as long as you can keep maintain your calories intake (make sure it is lower than calories output ‘the amounts of calories that you burn’). In other words, you still need to watch on the calories of every food that you eat! But in fact, not all people can count calories of foods that they eat all the time. So, what you should do?

Eat what you want but you still lose weight – can you do it?

‘Losing weight but you still choose and eat food that you want’, it may almost sound ‘too good to be true’. But according to a book ‘Eat what you love and Love what you eat’, getting what you love including eating foods that you love is not only great for your weight loss goal but also good to improve your heart, spirit, and mind.

On the other hand, weight loss diet is often associated with a lot of rules and this can be very bothersome for many obese people. Many times, people who successfully lost their weight then they regained it sooner. If you cannot cope with this problem, all efforts of your diet can be endless cycle of jumping to the same mistakes ‘failed diets’.

eating_what_you_want_and_weight_lossActually the most important thing is not about remembering the lists of foods you need to avoid. It’s much better to focus on a healthy approach to eating. This can help change your bad habits of eating without feeling denied. With this idea, you can improve the habits of your eating and the relationship between you and foods that you eat so thus can be powerful to provide an effective weight control in long term without feeling denied due to restrictive diets.

“If a weight loss diet doesn’t work for you, you should realize that it is not only about being on /off a weight loss diet’, Michelle May says (the author of a book entitled ‘Eat What You Love and Love What You Eat’).

If you are looking for a permanent result, you should start to take control over what you get and eat. You need to realize that you really like what you eat and can do it with fun without getting any guilty feeling or emotional eating.

In fact, there is no anyone who can eat healthfully and perfectly all the time. But there is also always a way to control what you eat.

One of simple options is by starting to pay attention to the taste of the food that you eat. This should help you to become more satisfied without getting overboard. And when you did a mistake such as overeating, don’t forget to compensate it by taking a little more physical activity to burn more calories or eating a little less at your next meal.

What are foods that you already love that you can eat?

However, this doesn’t mean that you can eat all what you want without any rule! The key is you need to learn how to get in touch with the hungry feeling and learning how to become more mindful about anything that you put in the mouth.

Michelle May recommend using the U.S Dietary Guidelines and Food Guide Pyramid and Institute of Medicine in 2005 for the guidelines of what you should eat in the diet.

In general, foods high in fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients for the body such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, soy products, low-fat dairy products, free-fat dairy products, nuts, and beans should be the foundation for your healthy & satisfying diet plan! Don’t forget also to prioritize non-processed foods such as whole grain.

However, you can also consume alcohol, treats, sweets, and even fatty foods to satisfy your flavor – but eat them in small quantities!

Another key, stop obsessing about certain foods! It’s much better to start learning about how to enjoy them (particularly enjoying foods that can help you lose your weight). Again, if you can eat your weight-loss foods with fun, you can lose more pounds of weight painlessly.

Learn when you get your real hungry feeling!

In obese people, many times they eat not due to hunger. They tend to eat foods for satisfying their emotions of eating or due to only the taste of the food. This can lead to overeating which then causes more pounds of weight gain.

So, it’s important to know and learn the physical signs of your real hunger.

When your craving comes from your real hunger, you should get better after eating. On the other hand, when it comes not from your real hunger, your eating will never satisfy you and you can get bloated, stuffed, or tired after eating.

How about calories – should you count them in the diet?

In fact, we are not a robot that can count calories of every food that we eat all the time. Counting calories is not natural, and even may make you stress of what you should eat and avoid.

However, the answer also can vary from person to person. While some can enjoy a kind of weight loss diet that counts calories of foods for every meal, other can’t!

If you can enjoy counting calories, it may provide a more structured weight loss. But if you cannot do it, it’s much better to start learn eating instinctively! This can improve your confidence on what you eat and then eventually you will not worry about calories.

So, how to lose weight but you still eat foods enjoyably?

When it comes to losing weight, you may not be able to eat all foods that you want without any rule – but you can do it once you are really able to enjoy every food that you eat during your weight loss plan. If this is what you want, you need to put the improving your entire health is the major goal of your plan.

Put your weight loss goal for one of byproducts of adopting healthy behaviors, and remember that your entire health is much more important than anything!

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