How to Lose Weight and Still Eat What You Want?

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Everyone might have favorite foods. If these foods are healthy foods and good for a weight control, there is no problem to concern.

But if you have favorite foods that are bad for your weight control – a few adjustments are required. In such case, don’t only focus to avoid them. It’s much better to focus on what you can add than what you can remove.

For instance, eat more foods high in fiber and drink more water to keep hydrated. This can suppress your appetite and will help reduce the temptation of eating bad foods.

Also, do regular exercise because you love your health! As well we know, exercise can provide a lot of health advantages. If you only do your exercise for weight loss – you are more likely to stop exercise once you get your normal weight, which is bad for your weight control afterwards.

Instead of scheduling your meals and snacks, probably it’s better to eat when you get your real hunger ‘but not so long that your body becomes ravenous’!

The last words, love your weight as well as you love your health!


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