How to Stop Hair Loss during Menopause Naturally?

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Furthermore, stay away from any kind of crash diet! Women with menopause are likely to have changes of weight because of the fluctuation of their hormones.

An extreme change of weight may factor into hair loss. This effect is more difficult to handle with other menopause symptoms.

Control you stress as well as possible!

Stress can affect a lot of aspects of your life, including your overall health and hair follicles. Stress can trigger hair loss if it’s poorly controlled,

Therefore, it’s very important to have a good stress management. If necessary, consider taking a counseling! Also, there are some relaxation techniques!

What else?

Some women find that scalp massage improves their hair growth during menopause. This technique is effective to help improve the blood flow to the hair follicles.

This therapy may work more effectively with rosemary, lavender, and Atlantic cedar. Read also the proven natural hair-growth supplements on this section!

In addition, ask your doctor whether you need to take progesterone and estrogen pills /creams. As the name implies, they can help improve the balance of your estrogen & progesterone (hormones that typically decrease during menopause).

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