How Can You Hurt Your Knee Joint?

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  1. Incorrectly landing from a jump.
  2. Stopping suddenly.
  3. A direct mechanical contact, like a tackle in soccer /football.
  4. Changing direction suddenly.
  5. Etc.

Many cases of damaged ACL are also followed with damage to other parts in the knee such as meniscus, cartilage (especially articular cartilage), or other ligaments.

ACL itself is a part of complex structure in the knee joint. There are 3 major bones that meet and make the joint in the knee. They are patella (kneecap), femur (thighbone), and tibia (shinbone). See the image below (image credit to AAOS)!


These bones are connected by 4 major ligaments, and one of them is ACL. It acts as cruciate ligament in front. In the back, the bones are supported and connected by posterior cruciate ligament.

If you are an athlete of conventional high-risk sports such as soccer /football and basketball, there is neuromuscular training that can help reduce the risk of injuring your ACL in your sport activity. Consult more with an athletic trainer for more advice!

In exercise, you push yourself beyond the limit of your body!

Most things that you put greater than what your body needs can be counterproductive, including in exercise.

We all agree that having regular exercise can help improve and keep your fit status. But overdoing it may be harmful for your overall health, including for your knee joint.

With exercise, you can make gains in fitness. But it’s also important to allow your body to recover!

In other words, you should not take hard /heavy workout every day because this can lead to repetitive strain which then may cause injuries. Instead, it’s more recommended to follow heavy training days with light-easy ones.

Ignoring the symptoms that appear

Having occasional discomfort in the knee such as ache is common. But’s it’s also important to educate yourself about certain symptoms that you should not ignore.

For instance, if you experience joint pain that lasts longer than usual, chronic, or even interferes with your daily routines – this should be concerned as well. Early diagnosis of a knee problem can affect the prognosis of the problem.

See also foods that may help improve the health of your knee joint on this section!

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