What to Do If Blood Pressure Is High?

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  1. Amino acids supplement. It may help lower blood pressure – but only for a short period of time.
  2. CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10. It may be effective to help cope with mild hypertension (pre-hypertension).
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Both DHA and EPA may be good for blood pressure, though more studies are probably required on this.

How about acupuncture – does it help?

Some studies found that acupuncture has a positive effect in treating hypertension – but it’s still not clear how much it help!

Furthermore, other studies showed the conflicting results.

Before trying any supplements or therapies, talk with your healthcare provider /doctor first to keep safe!

Things to ask when you see your doctor

If you are diagnosed with hypertension, here are some questions you should ask your doctor:

  1. What is the numbers of your blood pressure? Is it pre-hypertension or hypertension (level I or level II)?
  2. Then, ask about the goal of your treatment and how far you should lower your blood pressure?
  3. Ask also about the scale of your weight! Is it your best and healthy weight or should you lose more!
  4. Is there a special recommendation of eating plan you should follow?
  5. As mentioned before, exercise is a great way to improve your heart-beats and overall health. But before starting your exercise program, make sure that you’re ready! So, ask to your doctor whether your body is ready for exercise!
  6. If you are allowed to take exercise – what kind of exercise you should do?
  7. When the treatment involves medical intervention, find out the name (either brand name /generic name of the medication you want to take)! Ask about side effects of each medication that you are taking – make sure to tell anything of your medical history!
  8. Take the medicine properly! Ask to your doctor about what the best time of day you should use and take the medicine! Don’t forget to get to know whether or not your medicine can be taken with food!
  9. When taking the medicine – are there any dietary supplements, foods, or beverages you should avoid?
  10. If you forget to take the medicine – what to do? Should you wait up to the next dosage is due, or should you take it immediately as soon as you remember? Ask your doctor for more guidance!

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