If You Want to Lose Weight – Should You Stop Eating Fatty!

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There are two key points to cut your calories and lose weight – with appropriate weight loss diet (eating fewer calories) and get moving more (burning more calories)! And fatty foods are typically high in calories. So should you have to completely skip any fatty foods from your diet?

Low-fat diet may work more effectively than low-carb diet

According to one study written on Mayo Clinic, low fat diet could be more powerful to help lose excessive weight.

Low-fat diet may don’t give a significant result as fast as if you take low carbohydrate diet. But it may be much better if you are looking for gradual weight loss in long term or just to maintain your healthy weight in long term.

The study found that overweight men and women followed a low fat diet tend to keep their weight off 3-years later than others who took a low carb diet.

Should you skip fatty foods completely from your diet?

Many people tend to avoid fatty foods in their weight loss program. Nevertheless, fatty foods are also high in protein and other essential nutrients.

Each food has some unique properties for your health. That’s why some experts still recommend eating a few calories of fatty foods in a weight loss diet.

You may be able to totally skip fatty foods. But it would only last for a few weeks (temporary), unless if you are a tough vegetarian. And once you turn to your normal habit, you are likely to lose control on what to eat.

So again, a well-balanced diet along with a regular exercise is much more recommended!

You can still eat fatty foods, but make sure to eat them appropriately — watch on the calories, and keep restricting unhealthy fats ‘saturated fats’!

How to follow low-fat diet properly?

1 gram of fat contains about 9 calories. This means fat has higher calories than carbohydrate (a gram of carbohydrate only contains 4 calories).

So believe or not, your dietary fatty-foods are one of common culprits to cause weight gain.

However, you need to keep concerning about the appropriate calories your body needs. And remember that all foods contain calories!

For instance, if you replace fatty foods by others but high in calories such as sweets, this could be useless too.

So again, it’s very crucial to watch how many calories you get per day. It should be lower than the amounts of calories you burn – eat fewer calories and get moving more!

You don’t need to avoid fat totally, but how far you should go?

According to Mayo Clinic, it’s normal for adults to get about 20-35 percent of their total calories per day from fat.

This means if you need about 2,000 calories /day, you can eat about 44-77 gram of fat /day.

See also this section for the table of the daily calories requirements for men and women of different age and physical activity level!

What kinds of fat to avoid?

Restricting unhealthy fats (saturated fats and trans fats) is a must, especially if you also have problems of cardiovascular system — e.g. hypertension, shortness of breath, heart problems, etc.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to skip those ‘bad fats’ since they are everywhere and the bad news they are also good in taste.

Trans-fat is often found in fried foods. And for saturated fat, it is easily found in animal-food products, butter, palm oil, etc.

Though it’s difficult to skip them from diet, always try eating them as less as possible!

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