Helpful Steps to Improve Hair Growth and Thickness

Thinning hair is a common problem and there are several causes behind the problem which can vary from person to person. And the treatment is dependent on the cause. However, there are plenty of steps to help cope with the problem. If your concern is to improve hair growth and thickness – in general, the following tips may help!

Boost hair growth with plenty of essential nutrients!

There are some essential nutrients to support hair growth. These include protein, omega-3 fats, and some vitamins (see this section for in-depth information). In hair follicles, these nutrient deficiencies cannot be noticed immediately as well as on the skin.

Nuts and salmon are rich in protein and omega-3 fats. They are not only great for your body (particularly heart), but also can help promote healthier hair. Getting a wide variety of veggies and fruits in your diet is also nice choice to help maintain healthy tresses.

On the other hand, limit your diet from foods high in saturated fats and carbohydrate!

If you eat more unhealthy foods, this means that there is less space for eating healthy foods, causing deficiencies of essential nutrients for your hair.

Wash your hair gently and properly!

Water that you use to daily wash your body can have an effect on the health of your scalp and hair. Hot water is commonly not recommended. It is not only bad for the moisture of your entire skin, but also can strip the essential oils that have function for natural conditioner of your scalp & hair.

When your hair loses its natural conditioner, it is less likely to shine and more likely to become fragile. But this doesn’t mean you need to use cold water. Instead, it’s more recommended to use lukewarm water rather than hot /cold water.

Massage your scalp and hairs gently when you need to wash them. Use shampoo and conditioner appropriately (see also best shampoo for hair growth)!

Choose one designed for the type of your hair! There are lots of pricey shampoos and conditioners that can clean your wallet. But most of them are not better than cheaper ones.

Pay attention to water containing chlorine!

While swimming is one of the greatest cardio exercises, it may harm your hair follicles. The answer is due to the chlorine in the water. Chlorine is a drying agent that can make both your skin and hair become vulnerable to drying out.

The natural lubricant of cuticle (it has function to protect cortex ‘inner layer’ of hair) can dry out with chlorine. This may crack cuticle, which then leave the cortex without protection and make it easier to split.

image_illustration183But this doesn’t mean you need to avoid swimming. There are some tips to reduce this risk:

  1. The best option is choosing swimming pool containing free-chlorine or low level of chlorine.
  2. A rubber bathing cup can help – use it during swimming for extra protection! For best result, apply conditioner in your hair before wearing your bathing cup.
  3. After swimming wash your hair with shampoo, use tap water to wash it. And then allow it to dry naturally or gently pat it with a towel.

Improve the thickness with appropriate styling techniques!

Your genes can have a role in determining the fullness of your hairs, and there is nothing you can do to change it. But you can change your styling techniques!

For instance, some products with silicone (like cyclomethicone / dimethicone) may help. They can help coat your hair shaft with a thin film, making your scalp look fullness without greasy.

Natural blondes are more likely to have thinner hair but with highest number of hairs. Whatever the color, the volume can be plumped up.

The use of a mousse or leave-in conditioner can help. Make sure the root area is dry enough, and then flip the hair upside down to get hair bounces and extra volume boost. If you need to use a hot tool, set it at low heat level – and only use it if you have very fine hairs!

The following are other checklists you need to concern to have stylist hair without sacrificing the health of your scalp and the follicles!

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