Helpful Steps to Improve Hair Growth and Thickness

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  1. Avoid changing the color extremely! If you have dark hair, don’t change it to become blonde or vice versa! More extreme color changes can harm your hair. It’s much recommended to stay within 3 shades of your hair’s natural color.
  2. If you have curly hair, gently using a pick stay curls is better choice than brushing /combing. There are also some conditioner products to make the curly become smooth and easier to manage. For instance, one with polyvinylpyrrolidone may help, but remember to not over use it!
  3. If you need to cover your grays, only use a gentle color product! Your hair is not only more likely to change in color as you age, but also tends to grow slowly and become weaker.
  4. Some people love braids and ponytails. But be careful, they can be potential to damage the roots and break off hair – particularly when they are too tight!
  5. Make sure to set your hair free when you sleep at night!
  6. Normally, hairs can fall out about 50 to 100 pieces per day. And the way of how you brush them can have a significant impact – so, brush less a day and never brush them when they are still wet!
  7. Minimize the use of blow dryer! If you do blow dry, use it only at low heat setting!

Restore the health of your hair!

The use of frequent color-change product, blow dryer, bleach, and other harmful things can risk damage to your hair follicles. Thankfully, there are also some products to help improve and fix the damage. Conditioners containing protein is worth a try. The can help mend the split ends.

Taking a time out from any styling is also good idea.

There should be a time when your hairs are free from styling such as drying, combing, tugging, or even vigorous drying with towel. This can be the best thing you can do for your best hair days.

Additionally, excessive UV (ultraviolet) can damage both your skin and hair. The damage can be double in color-treated hair. Wear a hat if you need to spend many hours for your outdoor activities! If necessary, there are also hair spray products containing SPF-protection, and you can use it for extra protection.

Keep monitoring!

If you hairs fall out more than normal without known reason, it’s not bad idea to see a dermatologist promptly. Sudden changes on your scalp such as excessive hair loss or brittle hair may address a certain health condition.

Some medicines may also affect the strength of hair follicles. If you are taking medicines and you think they have an effect on your scalp, see your doctor for more advice!

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