In Adults, Does Stress Cause Eczema?

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In other words, stress is one of things that can trigger the flare-up and also can worsen the symptoms.


But for the cause, stress is currently not considered as the cause of eczema – even so far no one knows the exact cause of this skin disorder, as noted before [3].

How does stress affect eczema?

For several years ago, experts have confirmed that stress can worsen the symptoms of eczema.

The inflammation in the skin can increase during stressful period. This mechanism may be purposed to help protect the skin from damage /harm.

But in people who already have inflammation due to certain condition (such as eczema), emotional stress can have an effect in worsening the problem [4].

That’s why one of the best ideas to cope with eczema is by controlling the effects of emotional stress. Nowadays, a good stress management is often used in the core of treatment plan to treat and manage this chronic skin disorder.

So, control your stress to control your eczema flare-ups!

If you are an individual who are difficult to cope with your stress, the following tips can help.

  1. Keep active – if you choose to become a sedentary individual, it is not only bad for your fit status but also can put you at greater risk of losing control on your stress. So, why not to get a regular exercise! Furthermore, in fact regular exercise is great for your overall health.
  2. And after exercise, allow a few minutes and then go bathing with a lukewarm water to wash your body. It is not only about hygiene, but also can help eliminate the risk of flare-up of your eczema due to sweat.
  3. Do some activities that you can enjoy and make you fun such as listening a music, reading a book, watching a comedy film, playing a game, or else.
  4. Share your problem with others! Sometime just sharing or talking about your problem with your family or friends can help you psychologically which then will help ease the problem & relieve your stress.
  5. If necessary, try some relaxation techniques to help cope with your stress.

Additionally, schedule your sleep regularly! Even though on Saturday night or weekend, it’s much better to go sleep on time. If you have a sleep deprivation, you are easier to lose control on your stress.

However, eczema breakouts also can cause difficulty sleeping – for this case, consult more with your doctor for more guidance!


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