Does Insurance Cover Double Chin Removal

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Non-invasive procedures for double chin (e.g. Kybella, VelaShape, CoolMini, NIR skin tightening, and Ultherapy) are commonly considered as ‘cosmetic procedure’. The same goes for invasive, surgical procedures such as neck liposuction and neck lift.


Since double chin removal is cosmetic procedure, it’s not covered by medical insurance in most cases. To get coverage from your insurance, you must have strong argumentation that the procedure is essential to your body function and improve quality of your life.

If there is no reason that the procedure is vital to preserve your quality of life and body function, an aesthetic insurance with monthly payment plan is not bad idea to help cover your cosmetic procedure. But it’s also a challenge to find an aesthetic insurance that provide benefits you need most — research is necessary!

A few things to remember! Don’t only focus on the cheapest deal, an insurer’s financial strength rating matters too! Not all insurers are equal, though we know most of them are regulated to qualify for stringent financial criteria.

Keep in mind, dealing with insurance means you buy a promise that the organization /company behind you has financial strength to fulfill its promise and deliver on compensation, expenses & costs associated with a claim. Therefore make sure to choose an insurer qualified on this. For example, choose only insurers that engage credit rating agencies so you can figure out how strong their financial strength.

And certainly, make sure your double chin removal procedures you’re going to are covered. Remember however that each insurance (including for aesthetic insurance) has its own terms & conditions. Read these comprehensively before any procedure to avoid incurring unexpected costs.

Furthermore, when your procedures are qualified for coverage, they may be covered in full or in part – depending on your insurance terms and conditions.


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