Is Caffeine Bad for Male Fertility?

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What are the major lifestyles factors that affect fertility in men?

While infertility in men can be caused by certain health conditions, there are other lifestyle factors that also can have an effect. These include:


Prolonged activity that can put overheating on your testicles!

As written before, the testicles pay a key role in producing sperms. And there are some factors that can affect the way of they work.

Many times, overheating on them can occur if you have prolonged bicycling. Even sometime sitting on the office chair (especially on chair with poor circulation) for long hours also can produce extra heat that affects your testicles.

Hormone changes associated with lifestyle factors

Some lifestyle factors can affect the fluctuation of your hormones, including testosterone. These include obesity and high stress.

When your body doesn’t get appropriate amounts of hormones that it needs for sperm production, you can have low sperm count per ejaculate.

Too much alcohol

Alcohol can be potential to decrease the production of testosterone and sperms, particularly if it is consumed too much. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption may cause liver disease which then eventually also can affect male fertility.

Tobacco or cigarette smoking

It is very … very bad for both men and women who are trying to have a newborn.

While in women tobacco smoking can reduce the chance of getting conception and even can harm a pregnancy, it or even for second-hand smoke may also affect the production of sperm in men!


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