Is Clove Oil Good for Back Pain

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It seems there is no specific evidence to support the use of clove oil for back pain. Even its effectiveness in treating toothache is now also questionable. Based on the currently available evidence, FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) has downgraded its effectiveness for tooth pain.


But if you use the oil for pain relief only, especially for mild pain, it’s probably worth a try – at least a few studies on animals suggested it might help provide pain relief [5]. Plus, there is no downside (topical application with clove oil is safe for most people) and it’s an affordable pain reliever.

Remember, essential oils (including clove oil) are very concentrated. Use it carefully! If you use them improperly, they may hurt your skin. So always dilute them with carrier oil before full application to avoid the risk of skin irritation!

Regardless of whether or not clove oil is good for back pain, it’s important to understand when to seek medical help promptly. Although back pain is usually mild and will get better over time, again it could also be a warning sign and symptom of serious medical problems.

To keep safe, see a doctor if:

  1. The pain is accompanied by any symptoms that worry you (e.g. bladder problems, bowel problems, high fever, unintentional weight loss, or numbness /tingling / weakness in legs).
  2. It doesn’t get better with rest or other lifestyle measures.
  3. It is constant severe, spreads elsewhere in the body, or gets worse over time.

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