Is Oatmeal Good for Gastritis

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  1. It’s excellent to boost your heart health since it can help control several factors that increase the risk of heart diseases. For example, it’s quite powerful to help lower bad cholesterol (LDL).
  2. For skin care, certain substances in oats may help relieve eczema symptoms, though this benefit pertains only to topical treatment (oats applied to the skin).
  3. To help reduce the risk of asthma in children. Early introduction of oats may have a protective effect in reducing the risk of developing childhood asthma.

What else to understand?

Since gastritis diet can vary between individuals, track also any other foods that might factor into the flare-up of your gastritis symptoms — probably such as tomatoes, milk chocolate (except pure-dark chocolate), high-trans foods, or highly processed foods. And if you have symptomatic or allergenic foods (e.g. dairy products and foods containing gluten), avoiding them is a must!

The good news, oats is gluten-free. But although they are naturally free of gluten, sometimes they may have a few amounts of gluten, because the equipment to harvest and process them is also used for other grains containing gluten. So if you have gluten sensitivity, make sure to choose oat products with gluten-free certification!

Last but not least, it’s also important treat the underlying cause of gastritis! Though a few lifestyle modifications are often enough to cope with, sometimes appropriate medications are necessary.

For instance, antibiotics prescription is required if the inflammation has to do with H. pylori infection.


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