Is Psoriasis Curable in Ayurveda?

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In other words, currently there is still no evidence to confirm that Ayurveda is a cure for psoriasis. But with other treatments, it may help control psoriasis and prevent the flares from recurring.

The use of Ayurveda itself is more focused to help prevent the diseases. One study found that it may help reduce the risk of heart diseases. And cardiovascular diseases are pretty common in people with psoriasis.


Another interesting issue, it may help reduce pain and the risk of disability in people with arthritis. And psoriasis can cause arthritis called psoriatic arthritis.

Some studies are continuously going to learn the effectiveness of Ayurvedic herbal remedies for other health conditions.

For summary, the following are some reasons of why Ayurveda may help for psoriasis:

  1. It can control some factors that may trigger the flares of psoriasis or make the symptoms of the disease get worse. Some of these factors include stress and obesity.
  2. It may help reduce the risk of some complication from psoriasis (particularly such as heart diseases). Other complications may include high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Is there any risk?

Most therapies in Ayurveda are less likely to cause bad effects. But some herbs may interact with other medicines that you are taking for psoriasis or other health conditions.

For instance, some Ayurvedic herbs contain mercury and lead (heavy metals).

Therefore to keep safe, always consult first with a doctor before taking any alternative treatment for psoriasis. Moreover, your doctor may also have the best suggestion about a qualified practitioner you should choose.

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