Is There a Link between Eczema and Asthma?

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And while there are many evidences that children who have eczema are more likely to develop and have allergic asthma in their adulthood, unfortunately the reason behind this issue is unclear yet. However, there are several theories.

Some experts theorize that the defective /damaged skin may be the starting point in increasing the risk of allergic asthma for people with eczema (especially those who already have eczema in their childhood).

The damaged skin from eczema can release a substance called ‘thymic stromal lymphopoietin or TSLP’. It is a compound capable of releasing a powerful immune response.

And the chance for TSLP to travel throughout the body is great, because as well we know that the skin is very effective to secrete it into the bloodstream. And if it travels and reaches the respiratory organs (lungs), this can trigger the asthma’s hypersensitivity characteristic.

In addition, experts believe that the early approaches of appropriate treatments can help reduce the chance of developing allergic asthma in young children with a severe skin rash of eczema – according to a presentation published in the Public Library of Science Biology, May 2009 [5].

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What else?

Another interesting fact is some trigger factors that can affect the flare-up of eczema can have the same effect on the flare-up of asthma.

The trigger factors for both conditions can be different and vary from person to person. But in general, the following triggers can make the symptoms of both problems get worse:

  1. Strong emotional factors such as high stress.
  2. Exposure to too low temperature (cold air).
  3. Exposure to some allergens such as animal dander, dust mites, or pollen.
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