Natural Treatment for Pilaris Keratosis

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The use of baking soda


Baking soda is often used for exfoliation. It is coarse, but actually not too coarse. If appropriately applied on the skin, this can help remove dead skin cells effectively. However be careful, there is also the risk of skin irritation.

Does it work for keratosis pilaris (KP)? It may be one of options to improve the appearance of the skin affected by KP. However, the result is usually temporary.

Baking soda can exfoliate the top layer of the skin, but it will not cure the problem. If there is no skin irritation, you can use baking soda on regular basis for exfoliation.

How about yogurt?

As mentioned before, lactic acid (a kind of alpha hydroxy acid) is one of common choices to help treat KP. Yogurt contains lactic acid, too. Does this mean that you can use yogurt for KP treatment?

Yap, some people use yogurt as topical natural treatment for this chicken skin condition. The result varies.

But while lactic acid has been used to treat KP for many years, it’s not clear yet whether lactic acid in yogurt has the same effect.



Another natural treatment to cope with dry skin (a major factor that can trigger KP) is with oatmeal bath. It can help keep the skin well moisturized.

What is the bottom line?

It seems that medical and natural treatments for KP are intended to get rid of the physical symptoms of KP, but not to cure the disease. Another major goal of the treatment is intended to help keep the skin moist.

Currently, there is still no cure for keratosis pilaris. The effect of the treatment is usually not permanent. You need to take the treatment on regular basis, otherwise the problem may return!

The cause of the problem is associated with the abnormality of keratin (essential protein for skin). Without known reason keratin goes awry and block the opening of the skin hair follicles, causing acne-like bumps.

The good news, the problem is usually a benign condition, harmless, and doesn’t pose to any health risk! Therefore, the treatment is usually not necessary.

Typically, KP improves naturally with age. People who decide to take the treatment usually due to cosmetic reasons!

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